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VCT 236 Week 2 Image Editing Portfolio Part 2 Latest Guide

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VCT 236 Week 2 Image Editing Portfolio Part 2 Latest Guide
Continue working on the Portfolio project due in Week Five.
Select a new copyright-free image from the Web that you want to use for your portfolio. The image should be a portrait containing at least one person.
Open the image in Adobe® Photoshop® and perform the following photo retouching tasks:
Apply any necessary basic photo edits (e.g., crop, straighten, tonal correction). Use layers and selection tools while editing.
Apply at least one color adjustment. Use at least two photo retouching tools and techniques (e.g., color replacement, whiten teeth and eyes, healing and cloning tools).
Save your final image.
Note: The final version of the image will be needed for your portfolio due in Week Five.
Create a 4-slide PowerPoint® presentation to compare the before and after images.
Include the following:
The before image for which you performed photo retouching
Final image
Explanation of the changes you made to each image as well as the composite image
Citation ofthe image consistent with APA guidelines

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