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SEC 317 Module 3 Assignment 2 LASA 1 Risk Assessment Training for the City of Centervale Latest Guide

  • SEC 317 Module 3 Assignment 2 LASA 1 Risk Assessment Training for the City of Centervale Latest Guide
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SEC 317 Module 3 Assignment 2 LASA 1 Risk Assessment Training for the City of Centervale Latest Guide

Security management has become an increasingly important issue in organizations, and many now employ specialists in security. Security managers are responsible for protecting organizations' people, assets, information, and reputation from risks such as crime, fraud, accidents, and protestors, to name a few. The risk of terrorism and other crimes has made security a much more important issue, and with the introduction of regulation, the need to enhance professionalism has become more important.
The city of Centervale recognizes the importance of giving attention to the issue of security and wants to have its own qualified personnel to conduct these assessments. It realizes a deficiency in this area and has contracted you to conduct a threat assessment as a prerequisite to a full risk assessment and any necessary training. The ultimate goal is to equip designated city employees to conduct these assessments.
Here's What You Need to Do
Using APA in-text citations and a minimum of five external scholarly sources, you will draft a threat assessment training proposal for the city of Centervale and make recommendations based on your analysis and expertise. Take the following items into consideration when creating your training proposal.
1. Conduct a threat assessment to determine various areas in which the city of Centervale is vulnerable to a potential threat or incident. Select one of these areas of concern as your primary focus. Some, but not all, areas to consider could be water sources, public utilities, hospitals, transportation (the airport, buses, rail, etc.), and communication.
2. On the basis of your assessment, describe why this is an area of concern and state three main goals of how your training program will address these issues.
3. Describe the implementation of the training program and any anticipated limitations the program might have. Discuss how your training would equip its participants to identify threats to the specific area in order to respond to and manage that area of concern for the city of Centervale. Your proposal should address only the potential threats.
4. Discuss the consequences of not implementing a training program of this nature. Pay attention to how one element can affect others. For example, a flood will cause damage but could also impact drinking water if the two come in contact. What implications could this have for the economic status of Centervale? In addition, you should provide documentation that training programs such as the one you are proposing are effective and can have a significant impact on the city of Centervale in a crisis situation.

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