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MKT 320 Quiz 2 Latest Guide

  • MKT 320 Quiz 2 Latest Guide
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MKT 320 Quiz 2 Latest Guide

Question 1
Which of the following United States authorities, in addition to the normal business literature and its anecdotal information, publish specific country studies?
Question 2
The differences in cultural lifestyle can be accounted for by five major dimensions of culture that include individualism-collectivism, power distance, uncertainty avoidance, gender-role orientation, and _____ orientation.
Question 3
Which of the following training methods focuses on enhancing a manager’s flexibility in situations that are quite different from those at home and is based on the assumption that understanding and accepting oneself is critical to understanding a person from another culture?
Question 4
Which of following dimensions of culture is associated with the need for formal rules and regulations?
Question 5
0 out of 3 points
Which of the following countries is associated with small power distance, low uncertainty avoidance, high individualism, and low masculinity?
Question 6
Which of the following refers to a training program that exposes a manager to a different cultural environment for a limited amount of time?
Question 7
China, Hong Kong, and Singapore are associated with _____.
Question 8
Relatively weak resistance to new products is one of the marketing implications for countries that are _____.
Question 9
Understanding and appreciating the nuances of different cultural traits and patterns is known as _____ knowledge.
Question 10
The manifestations of the total way of life of any group of people are referred to as cultural _____.
Question 11
Which of the following is the term used to describe the belief that one's own culture is superior to others?
Question 12
Which of the following types of tests help determine the potential acceptance and proper understanding of a proposed new product?
Question 13
_____ provides the basis for transcultural similarities under shared beliefs and behavior.
Question 14
Marketers who bring about cultural change through dramatic campaigns without the adaptation to culture-specific elements can be accused of cultural _____.
Question 15
0 out of 3 points
Which of the following countries is an innovator and an early technology adopter, has relatively weak resistance to new products, and has a strong consumer desire for novelty and variety?
Question 16
Which of the following is an example of an emerging market?
Question 17
A common market is characterized by:
Question 18
_____ began in 1994 to create the world’s largest free market.
Question 19
____ are Mexican plants that make goods and process food for export to the United States.
Question 20
The Group of Five refer to:
Question 21
_____ are mature global companies intent on adapting their existing product lines to capture new, emerging global middle markets.
Question 22
Which of the following currencies was introduced by the European Union?
Question 23
Apart from population, which of the following is most indicative of the market potential for most consumer and industrial products and services?
Question 24
Age distribution and _____ correlate heavily with the level of development of the market.
Question 25
The three components of the Physical Quality of Life Index are infant mortality, adult literacy and _____.
Question 26
Market information on the percentage of households that own a particular product is known as:
Question 27
After determining the effects of change, an international marketer will have to first indulge in _____.
Question 28
The _____ provides one of the most basic indicators of market size and is in itself indicative of the potential demand for certain staple items that have universal appeal and are generally affordable.
Question 29
Which of the following laws states that as a family's income increases, the percentage spent on food will decrease?
Question 30
The act of international marketers seeking ways to influence the regulatory environment in which they have to operate in is known as _____.

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