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MIL 275 Week 3 Conscientious Objection Latest Guide

  • MIL 275 Week 3 Conscientious Objection Latest Guide
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MIL 275 Week 3 Conscientious Objection Latest Guide

Conscientious Objection. The ethics of conscientious objection have long been a topic of debate in military ethics. Should the military allow for conscientious objectors? What are the moral responsibilities of a government to allow for conscientious objection? What are the operational risks of a government providing leniency to conscientious objectors? 
Explore the moral implications of conscientious objection to military service and conflict. During this case study, make sure to research and address the following questions and issues:
1. What is the legal definition of conscientious objection according to the U.S. military?
3. Under what circumstances does the U.S. military permit conscientious objection to war? What are the
4. requirements to declare conscientious objector status? Can servicemen and military draftees object to
5. serving in some wars and not object to serving in other wars?
7. How does Just War theory apply to the issue of conscientious objection? If a nation, such as the United
8.States, pursues a Just War, what right do its citizens have to object to serving in that war?
Evaluate the current U.S. military policy towards conscientious objection. Do you believe that conscientious objection is morally permissible?
12.   Do you believe the U.S. military should allow for conscientious objection by its service members?
  How has the Global War on Terror and particularly the War in Iraq (a preemptive war) impacted rates of conscientious objection in the U.S. military?
  Are there any changes to U.S. policy with regards to conscientious objection that you believe should be changed?

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