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FIN 355 Quiz 4 Latest Guide

  • FIN 355 Quiz 4 Latest Guide
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FIN 355 Quiz 4 Latest Guide

Question 1

All else equal, if the stock beta increases (i.e., the stock returns become more volatile relative to the market), _______.
Question 2

As a(n) _______, an investment banker makes a “best effort” to sell a new stock issue to the public.
Question 3

The assumption of constant growth in dividends is relevant for _______.
Question 4

Standard deviation is a measure of _______.
Question 5

In an over-the-counter market, _______.
Question 6

The value of common stock with a constant dividend growth rate is _______ related to the discount rate and is _______ related to the dividend growth rate.
Question 7

What is the appropriate return on a stock with average market risk?
Question 8

In an IPO, the difference between the offer price and the first day’s closing price goes to _______.
Question 9

What must be true in an efficient market?
Question 10

According to the CAPM, the risk premium for a given stock must increase if which of the following happens?

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