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CIS 329 Week 11 Quiz Latest Guide

  • CIS 329 Week 11 Quiz Latest Guide
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CIS 329 Week 11 Quiz Latest Guide

Question 1
  Which of the following is not an option on the Second screen menu of Windows 8?
Question 2
What Windows keyboard combination can you use to project to a second screen?  
Question 3
Which power plan is not shown by default in the Power Options control panel?
Question 4
How does Windows 8 transmit display signals to a network projector?
Question 5 
  When using BitLocker To Go, which of the following that is typically associated with BitLocker is not required to unlock the drive?
Question 6  
  Of the listed BitLocker authentication methods, which is considered to be the least secure?
Question 7
What name is given to the user account(s) that have been authorized to recover BitLocker drives for an organization?
Question 8  
  If the Configure Automatic Updates policy is not enabled and applied to the devices along with other Windows Update settings, what will happen?    
Question 9
What is the maximum value of the Delay Restart for scheduled installations policy?
Question 10
What is the default value of the Delay Restart for scheduled installations policy? 
Question 11
How many active partitions can a hard disk hold?
Question 12
  What is a limitation of dynamic disks?
Question 13 
  What benefit is provided by the new Storage Spaces feature of Windows 8?
Question 14
What PowerShell cmdlet can be used to display the Event Logs?
Question 15   What keyboard combination will directly open the Task Manager in Windows 8?
Question 16 
  You can associate several actions to occur upon a specific event occurring.  Which of the listed actions is not one of the available options?
Question 17 What name is given to a set of readings, captured under normal operating conditions, which you can save and compare to readings taken at a later time?
Question 18
  To restore the computer from a system image backup, what must you do?  
Question 19
What is the limitation of using a USB flash drive as the backup destination when using Windows 7 File Recovery?  
Question 20
In which Control Panel view will you not be able to find the Windows 7 File Recovery option?
Question 21
You can use Group Policy to configure how Windows responds when a user tries to install device drivers that are not digitally signed. Which of the following options is not available for this configuration?
Question 22  
  When a startup failure occurs before the logon user interface appears, the problem could be hardware related, but it is most likely due to an issue with one of the drivers or services that the kernel is attempting to load. To locate the offending driver or service, you must first attempt to get the computer started by using what?  
Question 23  
  What organization is responsible for the testing and verification of compatibility, reliability, and functionality of drivers for hardware devices?  
Question 24 If File History is enabled, what will be the status of Windows 7 File Recovery on the computer?
Question 25  
  What is the primary method of file recovery for a Windows 8 computer?

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