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BUS 300 week 5 Quiz 4 Latest Guide

  • BUS 300 week 5 Quiz 4 Latest Guide
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BUS 300 week 5 Quiz 4 Latest Guide
1. A complex legal issue in Internet law is cybersquatting, which
2. A body of law that is particularly relevant to public relations writers centers around
3. Assume an employee is fired for committing an illegal act.  The employer announces the cause for the firing in an accurately written e-mail. The court agrees the content of the e-mail is true; yet, it rules that the employee was libeled. The ruling challenges the long-standing belief that
4. A passerby filmed for the movie "Borat" sued the producer Sacha Baron Cohen for defamation, but lost because
5. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act, passed in 2002,
6. What new issue apparently arose in the litigation of Sidell vs. Structured Settlement Investments?
7. The SEC in 2000 adopted Regulation FD that
8. Which principle established in the U.S. Constitution often leads to conflicts between lawyers and public relations practitioners?
9. How does advice to clients from lawyers differ from advice given clients by public relations practitioners?
10. Understanding and following the letter of copyright laws is critical to practitioners, especially in dealing with
11. Litigation public relations is an outgrowth of all the media attention given to legal proceedings and requires intelligent use of acceptable, ethical public relations practices, including
12. A major premise in American law is that
13. To comply with the SEC's overriding concern for investors, public relations practitioners
14. The landmark case in 1964 of New York Times vs. Sullivan
15. In the 21st century, with more and more cable and radio talk shows and hosts and guests saying what they want,
16. A type of random sample that journalists use to elicit ideas and points of views from persons on the street is a
17. In public relations research, the most frequently used type of convenience sample is a
18. Which of the following is a type of unobtrusive method of data collection?
19. Interviews are a type of
20. Two essential properties of a random sample are that
21. If public relations practitioners expect to receive support from management for a proposed program, they should expect to share which of the following?
22. If you expect to have a well-organized focus group, avoid doing which of the following?
23. Research is the natural starting point in public relations for all EXCEPT which of the following?
24. In professional work, research should be applied
25. Among the primary forms of public relations research, ________ tend to reveal differences in the ways management and target audiences view communications materials, media, messages, and methods.
26. Suggestions for an effective questionnaire include
27. Elements in a survey include
28. The type of interview where opinion leaders are asked repeated waves of questions is a
29. Compared to traditional research, Web research includes
30. Of the types of random sampling used, ________ sampling is a procedure that surveys different segments of the targeted population.

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